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A company is only as good as its culture, which is why we take so much pride in ours. Our team matters to us, our customers matter to us, and everyone in the Weathercraft family takes pride in what we do. That's why, even as our practices change, our character never will.
Weathercraft strives to provide an extremely safe work environment, with weekly safety meetings and occasional training sessions to maintain and improve best practices.
We want our team members to feel confident and comfortable in their own abilities, so we offer regular certification classes, nurturing their skills and promoting growth in the company.
Our team has a camaraderie with one another, and the connection among our team members contributes to their love and dedication for Weathercraft and our customers.
We have had many long-term employees who have been with the company for over 30 years, excelling at their craft and providing amazing customer service with their expertise.

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We’re always looking for talented, hardworking individuals who are seeking a tight-knit, supportive workplace. If you feel like you’ll be a good fit, you can download an application and follow these instructions, or apply online today. We can’t wait to build with you.

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