The Broadmoor Resort and Golf Club Storm Damage Restoration

January 26, 2023by Caroline Fleming1

After the 2018 hailstorm, The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs suffered catastrophic roof damage throughout the property.  Since Weathercraft Co of Colorado Springs, Inc has been the resort’s roofing contractor of choice for over two decades, we responded immediately to assess the damage and mobilized a crew within a few days to the Historic Broadmoor Estate House property.  The Estate House was built in the 1920’s and roofed with a Heinz flat slab clay tile.  The Heinz tile has been out of production since 1941, so we needed to install a temporary roof system on the 16/12 steep sloped roof that was cost effective, would not stand out to guests, and would perform as a roof system while the replacement roof was chosen.  We selected a self-adhered polymer modified SBS cap sheet with gray granules as the temporary roof.  The Broadmoor eventually chose a  ½” thick natural slate roof assembly, installed with sweeping valleys, 16 oz copper flashings, and a graduated exposure to provide the aesthetics the resort wanted to create.


Part of the storm damage project at this Estate House was the replacement of the solid lead cast gutter.  The cast lead gutter had a custom  floral design cast into the face during the original manufacturing process.  Weighting over 8 lbs per foot, the gutter presented challenges to match the original design.  With Weathercraft’s combined years of experience and nationwide industry partners, we were able to procure replicas of the original stamped design on the new 20 oz lead coated copper gutter. 


The main resort project began shortly after the Estate House. The 100-year-old, color blended, Ludowici French Clay tiles were a total loss. With lead times months out for the material and storm damaged broken clay tiles presenting life safety issues to resort patrons, a temporary roof once again had to be installed.  Again, a self-adhered polymer modified SBS cap sheet with red granules was chosen for a look similar to clay tile.  The project presented a number of logistical challenges. . Multiple buildings surrounding a lake at a Five Star / Four Diamond resort full of customers.  The coordination efforts were extensive and included scheduling deliveries, pedestrian protection, noise controls, and room scheduling.  For noise control Weathercraft chose to install the clay tile using screws rather than nails.  Our crews worked around the clock for a year to complete our scope of work 

In all, the roof replacement work completed by Weathercraft included Ludowici French clay tile and graduated blended slate, copper gutters, lead coated copper gutters, downspouts, collector heads, copper standing seam metal roofs, custom snow jacks, and red 60 mil TPO roof membrane. 

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